Top 3 Reasons to See A Doctor

As we edge towards the end of 2020, let’s all make a pledge to be more proactive and hands on with our health and wellbeing going forward. Sometimes, people tend to go to a doctor only if they are obviously sick. The problem with this approach is that your body keeps giving you hints and signals that something’s off, but if you only go to the doctor is you have the flu or get food poisoning, you may overlook the subtler signs.

Here’s a quick guide on the not-so-obvious but still very valid reasons to see a doctor:

A New or Growing Mole

Whether or not you spend a lot of time outdoors, if you see a new mole or notice that an existing mole has become bigger, itches or bleed or become rough textured, please get it checked out by a doctor. Moles and freckles can be harmless or cancerous. Being vigilant is the only way for you to immediately notice any changes or irregularities in your skin and seek medical help.

Changes in Bowel Movement

If you’ve always been regular with your bowel movements and suddenly find that you’re going more or less frequently, it warrants notice. Bowel cancer is a very real threat and should not be taken lightly. While a short bout of constipation or diarrhea can be chalked up to what you ate earlier or to a stomach bug, if the problems persist, it’s best to see a doctor about it.

Unexplained Weight Loss or Weight Gain

While it’s normal to gain or lose a couple of pounds over time, if you experience unexplained weight loss or gain, they could be symptoms of a deeper health issue. For instance, Inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid, diabetes and depression can all result in sudden weight or weight gain. It is important to rule out those conditions as probable reasons for your weight issues.

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