Women’s Health

As you age, your body goes through a lot. Lifestyle factors and your genetic disposition may make you susceptible to certain diseases or conditions. At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we advocate taking charge of your health and being proactive in your approach to your physical and mental wellbeing. <strong>Women’s Health</strong> is a specific area of health that needs to be handled with care, empathy and understanding. Our doctors work hard to provide you with a safe environment where you feel comfortable discussing your health issues.

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When it comes to Women’s Health, the most common health issues are:

Breast Cancer

Did you know that one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? That’s a staggering number and should be a wakeup call for all women. Around 75% of those cases are diagnosed in women 50 years or older. All women, no matter what their age, should do regular breast self-examinations. This will help them spot any irregularity such as a lump or an abnormal growth at once. Early intervention is crucial in successfully treating breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Common symptoms of Cervical Cancer are vaginal bleeding between periods, pain or bleeding during intercourse and unusual vaginal discharge. Regular pap smear tests are recommended to diagnose and treat cervical cancer as early as possible.

Skin Cancer

We recommend regular skin cancer checks as it is one of the most common types of cancer in Australia. Skin Cancer can be diagnosed with a biopsy and managed with skin excision.


When a women’s reproductive life comes to an end, she enters Menopause. This typically happens around the age of 45 to 55 years of age. Menopause can cause issues such as hot flashes, moodiness and depression. Your doctor can help you navigate this tumultuous phase in your life by providing you the support and guidance you need.

Pregnancy and Antenatal Care

When you find out that you’re pregnant, you need to find a good doctor to oversee your, as well as your baby’s, health throughout the pregnancy.

Family Planning and Contraceptives

Your doctor can recommend the various birth control and contraceptives available so you can make an informed decision as to which one is the best choice for you.

Cervical Cancer

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Women’s Health is a vast area that needs to be treated with the care and attention it deserves. Please take care of your health and be proactive about going to the doctor. Ignoring or neglecting your health can make matters worse, while early detection and treatment can result in successful resolution of the issue. To book an appointment with us, please give us a call on the number below. 0244765588


We care about your health and wellbeing just as much as you do.