Work cover injuries and reports

Everyday in Australia, people sustain injuries in their workplace as a result of falls, slips, trips, overexertion through lifting, pushing or pulling items, repetitive motion injuries, accidents while operating machinery and more. When an injury occurs, Work Cover Injuries and Reports are essential to give the worker and employer a clear picture of the injury sustained and how it might affect your ability to perform your job. A medical report is also needed to get Worker’s compensation to pay for the medical costs involved in treating the injury.

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Work Cover Injuries and Reports: What Information Do They Provide?

Our Work Cover Injuries and Reports will include information such as:

  • The nature of injury, the cause and the trigger
  • Clinical findings on examination
  • Diagnosis and treatment options
  • Time needed for healing and recuperation before the worker can return to the job

We aim to provide a thorough report so there is no confusion regarding the cause of the injury, the best course of action and what tasks the worker can perform in the intermediary time before he/she heals fully. Most people get back to work fairly soon following an injury. If their physically not fit to get back to doing intensive physical labour such as lifting heavy objects, a good alternative for them can be to do administrative work at a desk till they are back to their old self.

Work Cover Injuries and Reports: What Information Do They Provide?

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