Antenatal Shared Care

We offer Antenatal Care, including shared care with Specialist. Antenatal Shared Care is the arrangement between a GP and a hospital or specialist obstetrician wherein your pregnancy care can be divided between them both. Antenatal Shared Care can be beneficial for you as you can continue going to your regular GP who’s close to your home or workplace. At Bega Medical Centre, we offer Antenatal Shared Care and are happy and willing to work with your specialist to monitor you during your pregnancy.
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Why Antenatal Shared Care Is Gaining Popularity in Australia

More and more women in Australia are opting for Antenatel Shared Care as it is a more convenient and holistic approach to Pregnancy care. It has a number of benefits such as:

  • You can save time and go to your GP for regular check-ups instead of going to the hospital each time, which can be pretty time consuming.
  • Since shared care allows you to continue going to your GP, you will feel more comfortable and there’s also the advantage of getting more personalised care.
  • Beyond pregnancy, shared care also means you can continue going to the same GP once your baby is born.;
Why Antenatal Shared Care Is Gaining Popularity in Australia

How to Set Up an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement?

If you are interested in an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you with the process. Ideally, we will have to coordinate with your hospital/specialist and come up with a shared care plan for your pregnancy. 

How to Set Up an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement?

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Do you like the idea of having an Antenatal Shared Care arrangement for your pregnancy? At Bega Medical Centre, we’ll be happy to enter a Shared Care arrangement with your hospital or your specialist. We have experience with shared care pregnancies and can offer you the best care all through the course of your pregnancy. Please note that Shared Care arrangements are only viable for low-risk pregnancies. If you have any complications in your pregnancy, then this might not be the right arrangement for you. 

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