Skin biopsies and flap/graft repairs

Skin Biopsies are done to check and biopsy skin irregularities. It is an essential tool for managing skin conditions. It can be done by either scraping or shaving (typically done for small lesions) or by making an incision (typically done for large lesions). If your biopsy results confirm that the lesion is cancerous, the doctor will then discuss further treatment options with you such as surgery or re-excision to remove the skin. Once that’s done, a Graft Repair or Flap Repair may be needed to close the wound.

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Types of Skin Biopsies

The most common types of skin biopsies are: 

  • Punch
  • Shave
  • Excisions
  • Incisions

Each technique comes with its own benefits and yields different information.

Types of Skin Biopsies

Flap Repair

When a wound is too big and cannot be sutured, a Flap Repair will be done instead. A flap of skin from the adjacent side is used to cover the exposed skin. This speeds up recovery by preserving blood flow in the area. 

There are different types of Flap Repairs that can be done based on the skin condition as well as the size and location of the wound. Your doctor will discuss this further with you and 

Graft Repair

Graft Repairs are done in cases where a flap repair is not a viable option. Skin grafts refer to the process of taking skin from a different area of the body and placing it over the exposed skin. Graft Repairs are the preferred treatment option for large open wounds, deep burns, and other cases where the wound is too big to be sutured.

Flap Repair

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