Diabetes management- Foot care, Insulin Management

When it comes to Insulin Management, our diet plays a critical role. Our lifestyle choices and eating habits will definitely affect our health in the long run. When it comes to Diabetes Management, your doctor will consider the type of diabetes you have and your individual needs to come up with a personalised treatment plan. For all types of diabetes, it is imperative to keep your blood glucose levels in a healthy range to prevent further complications.

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Types of Diabetes

There are a few different types of diabetes: 

Type 1 Diabetes: This is an autoimmune disease where the immune system starts attacking and destroying the cells in your pancreas, which is where insulin is produced. There are no known causes for this attack. It is estimated that about 10% of the population has Type 1 diabetes. 

Type 2 Diabetes: This type occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin and sugar builds up in your blood. 

Prediabetes: This occurs when the blood sugar levels are higher but not high enough to be categorised as Type 2 diabetes. 

Gestational Diabetes: This occurs as a result of high blood sugar during pregnancy. It is caused by insulin-blocking hormones produced by the placenta. 

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes Management

For Type 1 diabetes, the main treatment is Insulin. There are different types of insulin and depending on your condition, your doctor will prescribe the right one for your specific condition. 

For Type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise are the most viable treatment. If those lifestyle changes don’t provide desired results, medication may also be used.

For Gestational diabetes, treatment will depend on your individual needs. For some women, diet and exercise may be enough to deal with it. But for some others Insulin may be required to lower blood sugar levels.  

Diabetes and Footcare

When you have Diabetes, you need to take care of your feet every day. This is because diabetes can increase your risk of foot ulcers and amputations. So, it is imperative that you check your feet daily for any changes or issues. It is also recommended that you see a podiatrist annually or multiple times a year to protect your feet. Footcare is an important component of Diabetes Management. 

Diabetes Management

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