Post-operative Dressing

Post-operative Dressing plays a crucial role in wound healing. Surgical Site Infection (SSI) is a major concern post surgery. If not taken care of, your wound site can get infected or start leaking, delaying the healing process and leading to complications. This is why at Multicity Medical Centre Bega we stress the need for the utmost care and supervision of post-operative dressing to speed up your recovery and ensure wound healing is not hindered by improper care.
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Complications of Improper Wound Care

Improper or negligent wound care can lead to dehiscense where the surgical incision reopens. This could also happen if there is any mechanical stress on the wound site, such as if you sneeze, cough, vomit or otherwise put physical strain on the area. Make sure you handle the wound site with care and do not apply undue pressure on it as that could end up tearing the stitches and leading to infection or even hernia formation.

Complications of Improper Wound Care

Post-Operative Dressing: An Overview

The ultimate goal of Post-operative Dressing is to facilitate wound healing. To do this, the site needs to be kept clean, moist and completely sealed to avoid bacteria and debris from entering and contaminating it.

In some cases, wound cleansing by irrigating the site with saline or water may be suggested. This is not a common practice and is only necessary in rare cases. It needs to be noted that excessive wound cleansing can actually have a detrimental effect and slow down wound healing. So, this procedure should only be done if your doctor deems it absolutely necessary.

Dressings need to be changed regularly to keep the surgical site moist and protected. If your dressing is coming off or you suspect it’s been compromised in some way, please see a doctor to get it changed immediately.

Post-Operative Dressing: An Overview

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Whether you’ve had a major surgery or a minor procedure, Post-operative Dressing is an integral part of the recovery process and should be handled with the care and attention it deserves. Improper wound care can derail your progress and end up leading to further complications that will prolong your pain and problems. So, be wise and take all the necessary steps to ensure your wound is protected and cared for as it should be.

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