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At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. What this means is that we’re not just focused on your physical health, but look beyond that to consider your Mental Health and wellbeing as well. It has been documented that one in four people experience Mental Illness at some point in their lives. With mental illness being such a common occurrence, it is highly concerning that not many people seek out professional help for it.

If you are battling mental illness, you need professional help. Please call us on 02 6412 2033 to book an appointment.

Professional Help and Medical Intervention for Mental Health

If you’ve been feeling depressed or just ‘off’, please consider visiting a doctor. Too often, people tend to dismiss Mental Health issues as just a passing phase. And when left untreated, mental illness can get progressively worse, taking over your life and stopping you from doing your daily activities and functioning in society. 

One of the common reasons that people state for not seeking help is that they weren’t sure if they needed it. Unlike physical illnesses, mental issues are not so clear-cut and can be hard to identify, even by those experiencing them. Our advice is to seek help and see if you need medical intervention. The doctor will be able to assess your mental state and determine if you need professional help, support and guidance. 

Professional Help and Medical Intervention for Mental Health

The Importance of Mental Health

Your mental disposition affects every aspect of your life. From your personal relationships to your work life, Mental Health has a strong impact on it all. People suffering from mental illness can feel like they’re not able to achieve their full potential. Mental wellness is a broad spectrum that encompasses emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing. 

We need to break the taboo and misunderstanding surrounding mental health issues. Just as you need professional help when you have a physical illness, you need the same for mental health issues as well. Our doctors are highly experienced and will handle you with empathy, care and professionalism. Our goal is to help you get better so you can live a full life and not be held back by your mental health issues. 

The Importance of Mental Health

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