Men’s Health

If you’re a male over 40 years of age, then you need to make your health and wellbeing a priority. Even if your healthy overall and have no known illnesses, as you age, it is recommended that you go in for regular check-ups to monitor your health. Simply put, don’t take your health for granted. At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we place emphasis on Men’s Health and urge our male patients to not shy away from seeing a doctor.

It’s been documented that men are more at risk for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. So, their needs and medical requirements vary from that of women of the same age. If you’re a male who’s been putting off going in for a prostate check or even a general check-up, now’s the time.

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A Focus on Men’s Health

It’s been stated in many studies and surveys over the years that men tend to pay less attention to their health and bodies even as they age. This trend is concerning as in the medical field, early detection and intervention are crucial for successful treatment. If an illness or condition is left undetected and untreated, later stage treatment may not be as effective as early intervention would have been. So, don’t gamble with your health. Take a proactive approach to your health to reduce your risk of illness.

A Focus on Men’s Health

Men’s Health Checks

Men’s Health Checks will focus on conditions that are more likely to affect men. We will consider all the relevant factors such as your age, gender, lifestyle and diet habits and look with a keen eye for detail at your health. Regular health checks are a necessary component of a healthy and disease-free life. If you have a chronic illness, then regular checks will keep us updated on how well the treatment plan is working and if you need any changes to your medications. Depending on your medical records and past medical history, procedures such as prostate, testes, and STD check may also be done if your doctor deems them necessary.

Just like a car that needs to be serviced and tuned regularly to keep it in top shape, so does the human body require regular maintenance and care to keep it going without any issues. As we age, health issues are unavoidable, but how we approach them can make a world of difference to your quality of life.

Men’s Health Checks

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