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Without a doubt, Child’s Health is one of the most important medical services that we provide. After all, a child’s growth, development and wellbeing are not just a parent’s responsibility but the responsibility of the community at large. We need to nurture our children and ensure they receive the very best care and services. Multicity Medical Centre Bega is a child-friendly practice. All our doctors, nurses and staff have experience working with children and can provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child will feel safe, relaxed and secure.

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Your Child’s Health Is Our Top Priority, Just as It Is Yours

As children grow, they will face unique challenges and will require constant medical intervention in the form of medication and regular health checks. At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we take a holistic approach to your child’s health. Apart from medication and other medical services, we also stress the need for a healthy and active lifestyle, including good sleep, complete immunizations and more.

Your Child’s Health Is Our Top Priority, Just as It Is Yours

Important Vaccinations for Children

Since children are more susceptible to diseases, vaccinations are critical to keep not only your child safe from illnesses but also ensure they don’t spread any disease to other vulnerable children. The Australian government’s national immunization program (NIP) provides a complete list of all the vaccines your child must through the years.

The very first vaccination your child will receive is the Hepatitis B vaccine, which will be administered at birth. Within the child’s first year, they will receive a series of vaccines. As they get older, the vaccines will be more spread out. As a parent, you need to keep a detailed record of all the vaccines your child has received and all the ones he/she need to get in the future.

Regular visits to the doctor will also help your child feel comfortable about going to the doctor and it will no longer be a scary prospect. We will do our part to facilitate a friendly, caring atmosphere to further acclimate your child.

At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, our doctors will work with you and prioritise your Child’s Health, ensuring they are up to date with all their vaccines.

Children’s Health Services

Apart from vaccinations, regular health checks are also crucial so the doctor can review your Child’s Health and see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Proper nutrition is an integral part of a child’s development and regular health checks will help identify if they are lacking any specific nutrients. If that’s the case, the doctor can then prescribe supplements or dietary instructions to ensure they don’t lack any important nutrients.

Important Vaccinations for Children

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Multicity Medical Centre Bega has paediatricians and healthcare professionals specialising in child health, so you can be assured that we will do our best to keep your child healthy. From when your baby is born, you can bring him/her to us and we’ll provide your child the best care and service that they deserve.

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