Chronic pain management

When pain or discomfort lasts for three months or longer, it can be termed as Chronic Pain. It is estimated that one in five people in Australia over 45 years of age deal with Chronic Pain. The intensity of the pain differs from person to person and can vary from day to day as well. At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we offer Chronic Pain Management because we understand the debilitating effects chronic pain can have on your life when left untreated.
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What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain can be a result of an accident, injury, illness or long-term disease. There have been cases documented where the chronic pain had no apparent cause at all. 
Here are the risk factors for Chronic Pain: 

  • Being over 45 years of age
  • Genetic predisposition to it
  • Gender predisposition (women are more likely to experience chronic pain)
  • Poor lifestyle choices such as little to no physical activity, smoking, poor diet etc.
  • Having a long-term disease or medical condition
What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain Management: What It Involves

When dealing with Chronic Pain, you doctor will look at your medical history and design a treatment plan for your individual needs. The source, location and cause of the pain will also be considered when coming up with a Chronic Pain Management plan. 

Medications for Chronic Pain

Pain medications may be used in conjunction with other treatments, to deal with Chronic Pain. Common prescriptions for Chronic Pain are Opioids, non-opioid painkillers such as Paracetamol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Psychological Treatment for Chronic Pain Management

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis and other relaxation therapies may be prescribed as part of your treatment plan.

Physical and Occupational Therapy for Chronic Pain

There’s been documented evidence that physical and occupational therapy are effective in Chronic Pain Management.

Physical therapy involves treatments such as massage therapy, posture correction, exercises and Transcutaneuos Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

Occupation therapy involves the use of specialised equipment and guidelines to help you perform your daily tasks in a proper way, so as not to exacerbate the pain.

Invasive Therapy

Injections, nerve blockers and implantable devices are invasive procedures used to deal with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Management: What It Involves

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We understand that Chronic Pain can affect your quality of life and hold you back, which is why we have experienced doctors who will work with you to come up with the best treatment plan. Chronic Pain Management, when done right, can improve your life and let you live life normally. 
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