Emergency management- wound closure, Early stablisation

When you’ve had surgery, ensuring that the surgical wound heals without any complications should be one of your top priorities. Here at Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we offer Emergency Management services such as Wound Closure and Early Stabilization to promote wound healing and speed up your recovery time post-surgery.
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The Wound Healing Process

As a wound heals, it goes through four stages: inflammation, fibroplasia, epithelialisation and contraction of the wound. Our doctors will ensure your wound is healing as it should, and there are no complications such as infection, leaking or other issues to worry about. 

The Wound Healing Process

Wound Closure and Early Stabilization

When dealing with open wounds, it is important to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to healing. Here are some services we offer to treat open wounds:

Debridement: Sometimes, the wound can harbour damaged or contaminated tissues that could be slowing recovery. In this procedure, we remove those contaminating materials from the wound, contain bleeding and restore the sutures to promote healing. 

Debridement Using a Bandage or Dressing: Dressings can sometimes adhere to the surface of the wound, leading to the removal of dying tissues when the wound is being redressed. Hydrocolloid and hydrogel dressings can be used to promote debridement by mixing with the fluids naturally secreted by the wound. Later, when the wound is cleaned, these secretions are washed off. 

Wound Cleaning: Whether the wound requires cleaning and what solution needs to be used for the procedure is a decision best left to your doctor. Depending on the state of the wound, you doctor may determine that wound cleaning is necessary. They might suggest irrigating the site with saline or water to clean out debris and other components that could delay healing.

Covering of the Wound: The wound needs to be covered properly to promote healing and recovery. The wound covering must not only cover and protect the wound from the outside elements, but also offer it a moist, sterile environment to accelerate healing.

Wound Closure and Early Stabilization

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