Pre-employment Health Checks, Drug Test and Audiometry

To determine if an applicant is suitable for the job, employers may require them to undergo a Pre-employment health check. The purpose of this test is to find out if you have the physical and mental capacity to do the job without compromise. The health assessments help minimise risk by identifying if a person is the right fit for a job. This is especially important for jobs where you will be operating or working around heavy machinery and need all your faculties functioning optimally.

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Why Pre-Employment Health Checks are Important

At Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we understand the importance of physical and mental fitness and their impact on one’s job performance and workplace safety. Not only will a physically and mentally inept employee be less productive, but they might also endanger other people’s live and safety with their negligence or ineptitude. Pre-employment Health Checks will help employers identify any pre-existing health condition that could impact a person’s ability to do the job. It is also important when moving an employee to a different department, where the work conditions may require him/her to possess certain physical and mental abilities to function well. For instance, if an employee has a history of hypertension, a noisy factory setting where large machinery operate may not be the right atmosphere for them to flourish and work to their full potential.

Why Pre-Employment Health Checks are Important

What Do Pre-Employment Medical Screening Tests For?

Standard Pre-employment Health Checks will assess a person’s medical history via a series of questions. The person will then be subjected to different screenings to assess their vision, heart, nervous system, respiratory system, and their musculoskeletal systems. A urine test will also be done to determine if they have conditions such as diabetes or kidney disorders.

What Do Pre-Employment Medical Screening Tests For?

Drug Test and Audiometry Tests

Drug Tests are one of the most common assessments done. Screening for illicit substances can be done with a urine analysis.

Audiometry Testing checks a person’s hearing ability. The test involves a series of screening to determine if a the person can hear between noise levels of 0 and 25 decibels, which is the normal range that proves that their hearing is good.

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