Heatstroke: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

As the days become warmer, we need to gear up for the hot Australian summer. According to the Australia Medical Association, over 500 people die as a result of Heat Stroke each year. Heat Stroke is particularly deadly because symptoms can sometimes be overlooked or not be very apparent. Knowing what to look for and […]

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Top 3 Reasons to See A Doctor

As we edge towards the end of 2020, let’s all make a pledge to be more proactive and hands on with our health and wellbeing going forward. Sometimes, people tend to go to a doctor only if they are obviously sick. The problem with this approach is that your body keeps giving you hints and […]

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Top Tips to Make Eating Healthy Fun for Kids

If you’re child is a fussy eater and you feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book to no vail, worry not. Here’s a quick guide from Multicity Medical Centre Bega on how to make eating healthy fun for your kids and make sure your Child’s Health and wellbeing is on the right track. […]

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