Top Tips to Make Eating Healthy Fun for Kids

If you’re child is a fussy eater and you feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book to no vail, worry not. Here’s a quick guide from Multicity Medical Centre Bega on how to make eating healthy fun for your kids and make sure your Child’s Health and wellbeing is on the right track.

Don’t give them incentives to eat healthy

As tempting as it may be to tell your child you’ll give them dessert if they finish their main course, this can set a dangerous precedent for the future. What your child infers from this is that healthy food are chores to be done in order to get their reward: the dessert. They will then start demanding desserts with every meal and refuse to eat healthy food unless there’s dessert to follow.

Regularly expose them to different/new foods

Exposing children to a variety of different and new foods at an early age will make them more adventurous and open to trying out new foods in the future. If children are only exposed to the same foods over and over again, they may get comfortable with those items and develop an aversion to trying out anything ‘different’ or unfamiliar.

Make cooking fun and get the kids involved

Rope in your kids to help you out in the kitchen. You can assign them tasks such as plating the food and get their suggestions on what dressing to add to the salad. When kids feel like they’ve contributed and had a say in the cooking process, they will be more willing ot try out the food.

Give them healthy snacks

It’s so easy to get addicted to processed foods such as chips, biscuits and lollies. While it may not be possible to totally eliminate treats from their diet, you can limit the intake by looking for healthier snack options. Cherry tomatoes, hummus with carrot and celery sticks and yogurt with fruit and nuts are all tasty, healthy snacks that will give them an energy boost and keep them fuller for longer.

Here at Multicity Medical Centre Bega, we understand that you’re committed to your Child’s Health and wellbeing and we want to be a part of the process. Our Child’s Health services are geared towards all aspects of a child’s growth and development through the years. To book an appointment with us, call 02 6412 2033

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